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6 years of experience

As an LPC licensed in both Pennsylvania and Delaware, my expertise has evolved to focus on helping adults navigate life's challenges and enhance their mental well-being. I provide a compassionate and supportive virtual environment for individuals seeking personal growth, improved coping skills, and mental wellness support. My goal is to assist adults in overcoming obstacles, fostering self-awareness, and achieving their personal and emotional growth objectives. Whether you're facing life transitions, relationship issues, or stress-related concerns, I am here to guide you toward a more fulfilling and balanced life.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In the first therapy session, clients can expect a welcoming and empathetic atmosphere. Clients will have the opportunity to express their concerns and goals for therapy, providing an initial focus for our work together. I will ask questions to gather relevant background information, discuss the therapeutic approach we'll be using, and clarify how the therapy process typically works, including session frequency and duration. Clients are encouraged to ask questions, share any concerns, and actively participate in setting goals and shaping the therapeutic journey. We aim to establish a collaborative and trusting therapeutic relationship, and the session will conclude with scheduling the next appointment. This first session sets the stage for a supportive and goal-oriented therapeutic partnership.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a therapist with a specialization in CBT, anxiety, narcissistic abuse, self-esteem, and a range of other mental health and relationship-related areas, I possess several significant strengths that contribute to my effectiveness in helping clients: Empathy and Compassion: My ability to connect with clients on an emotional level and demonstrate genuine empathy and compassion is a fundamental strength. This helps clients feel understood, supported, and connected. Personal Experience: My personal experiences enable me to relate to my clients on a deeper level and provide valuable insights. Collaborative Approach: My emphasis on collaboration and involving clients in the therapeutic process fosters a sense of agency and empowerment, making clients active participants in their own growth and healing. Resilience and Flexibility: My ability to adapt to changing client needs and challenges, coupled with a dedication to ongoing self-improvement and professional development, ensures my continued growth as a therapist. Humor: Using humor as a therapeutic tool allows me to foster a unique and authentic connection with my clients, creating a safe space where laughter can be a catalyst for healing and self-discovery.

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Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

As a skilled therapist, I use an eclectic approach with a focus on CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). Over the years, I have honed my skills in utilizing the principles of CBT as well as other theories to empower my clients to effectively manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Through collaborative and goal-oriented conversations, I help individuals identify and challenge negative thought patterns, fostering a more rational and balanced mindset. My approach incorporates evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive restructuring and behavioral experiments, to assist clients in making lasting, positive changes in their lives. By creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment, I work with clients to develop practical coping strategies that enable them to address a wide range of psychological and emotional challenges. My commitment to using evidenced-based therapeutic practices allows me to guide clients toward improved mental well-being and equip them with valuable tools for long-term personal growth and emotional resilience.