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Welcome to the first step in finding YOUR therapist! You've taken the first step by visiting one of the numerous providers for accessible treatment, and you've stumbled upon my profile. Well, lets get started! My name is Mysia and I am a professional counselor in Maryland. I have experience working with individuals who are experiencing difficulties with implementing healthy coping skills, overcoming the highs and lows of mood disorders, and navigating life on life's terms. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk us through it and help us reflect on what is going on. I believe the therapeutic relationship is the strongest part of therapy and building trust and rapport help build the comfort and confidence to explore some pretty sensitive (and uncomfortable) topics. Together, we will explore thought and behavior patterns, coping skills, self-soothing and self-care rituals. We can build a vision of the person you are working to become, and help that person actualize. Welcome to the first step, it is now time to prepare for your journey!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

You can expect to leave the first session feeling a bit of relief as you have taken the first step to a better version of yourself. Ongoing session provide insight, self-awareness and accountability to push through. As I believe the therapeutic relationship is helpful in building the comfort to explore some sensitive topics. Also, being nurtured in the process to cope with complex emotions, as this becomes a part of your wellness toolbox.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Person-centered methods with CBT, reality therapy and DBT. Tools include worksheets and in-session exercises. Connecting our minds to our bodies, but also recognizing behavior/thinking patterns is helpful with building the self-awareness needed for change.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I am relatable and personable. I offer empathy and compassion, with unconditional positive regard. In other words, I am authentic and I allow the space for you to be as well. I use active listening as well as reflection to help with getting to the root of issues. I also enjoy problem-solving, solution focused strategies to see how we can see progress in a pragmatic way.

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