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Natasha Riley

Natasha Riley


8 years of experience

Have you lost the motivation to be intimate? Does constant thinking make it hard to love yourself, love your body, and allow pleasure into your daily life? Is your favorite line, "I'm always in my head"? Have you lost connection to pleasure so much that you can't even enjoy the intimacy of sex?'s okay, you're not alone. You've spent so much time being available and thinking for everyone else that you've lost sight of the most important What would life be like if you knew her again?

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During our first session together, we will explore what you truly want. I'm sure you are used to constantly being the giver, therefore this may be a bit tough for you. However, once we solidify your present boundaries, expectations, and non-negotiables. You will begin to experience the world in a completely different manner. You will be provided the space to say all the things that you've been holding onto while you grin and bare it. No more going home at the end of the day feeling defeated and directed that energy to your partner or your children. After our first session together, you will feel relieved due to your new plan of action!

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a sex-positive and affirming clinician, I aim to create an environment that will provide support, education, and therapeutic recovery to individuals of all sexual and gender identities. You can enjoy yourself again! You can enjoy pleasure again! You can enjoy sex again! Together we can bring you back.

About Natasha Riley

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Using CBT, I encourage my clients to expose the lies their minds tell them all day everyday. We dissect those thoughts in order to develop new ones and new behaviors, which both lead to more pleasure in their intimate lives.

Couples Counseling

I support couples looking to increase communication, intimacy, and connection with each other after being on autopilot over the past few years.

Mind-body approach

Using the mind-body approach, I support my clients as they learn to trust the signals their body emits as well as to trust their intuition as they explore self-care, rest, and pleasure.

Sex Therapy

Concerned about your desire, libido, self-image? With sex therapy, I support you as you find the fire within you to experience a sensational sex life again.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

I believe that Talk Therapy is great, however I truly want all my clients to trust in themselves. In order to do that, I provide actionable steps for my client's to utilize to build confidence in themselves.