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Phyllis Leverett

Phyllis Leverett


8 years of experience

I am CBT trained clinician, but I use a few approaches and treatment modalities to achieve the optimal quality of services for my clients to include Motivational Interviewing, DBT, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. I believe in recovery and know that therapy requires work. I will assign homework to my clients to cement the work we do together and to maintain active participation as therapy is a process. My therapeutic style is warm, interactive, and tailored to each client's need. I offer non-judgmental, person centered care. My client's goals for therapy is what is first and foremost. Therapy is a collaborative experience. I believe recovery is possible for everyone, but it is work. Partner with me and let me help you reach your optimal level of emotional and psychological performance.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I want to learn more about you and the specific issue that you are faced with.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My sense of empathy and my belief that everyone deserves a quality life and they can achieve the life they want.

About Phyllis Leverett



My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

We are all a collection of thoughts and emotions that drive our actions. Once you understand that you have the power to control what you think you can then control your actions. I clients to understand why they think what they think and to help change their perspective which in turn helps to achieve positive outcomes.

Daialectical Behavior (DBT)

I use DBT to help reduce anxiety, depression, trauma and stress.

Motivational Interviewing

MI is used to assist a patient in having a positive attitude towards change.