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Welcome! I'm Veronica Martin, an English speaking Licensed Mental Health Counselor dedicated to helping individuals, couples, families, and teens navigate the complexity and stress in their lives. I am passionate about my work in mental health due to the strong therapeutic support system I have had from an early age. My relationship with therapy has had a profoundly positive influence on my life which has stirred a passion in me to create a safe and welcoming space for listening and engaging with clients for their greatest good.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I often begin sessions by first listening and then assessing the client’s need. We will then explore relaxation My areas of clinical focus are in depression and anxiety. I often work well with clients who exhibit behaviors such as extreme attachment/detachment, identity and purpose exploration, feelings of isolation, experimentation with substances, feeling socially overwhelmed, and those struggling with restlessness or poor sleep. Together, we will explore your challenges with curiosity and non-judgement, and our goal will be to learn healthy coping mechanisms that lead to lasting well-being, targeting the reduction of heightened emotional states. From there we'll focus on setting achievable goals and practicing self-care routines. Although healing and improving your mental health can certainly be challenging, it can also be creative, inspiring, thrilling, and at times, kind of funny or fun! I will hold space for you to experience and express the full range of emotions that arise in our work; nothing is too shameful or scary for us to face together.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As an empathetic and genuine provider, I practice an unbiased approach with each client. As a skilled active listener, I help clients navigate through problem-solving, while developing coping skills and identifying solutions. My aim is to empower my clients by collaboratively uncovering and/or rediscovering their talents and skills. I am flexible and adaptable in my approach by tailoring the techniques used uniquely for the client. As a professional I am dedicated to lifelong learning and continuing education regarding updated theories, techniques and research in the field. With these strengths, I successfully create a welcoming space that promotes healing, growth and positive change in my clients.

About Veronica Martin

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Using CBT approach allows me and the client to work together to identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviors. Once these thoughts and behaviors are identified it allows me to help the client modify those thoughts and behaviors to foster improved emotional well being and overall functioning.

Motivational Interviewing

Using Motivational Interviewing I take a non-judgemental approach with clients who may have some ambivalence to behavior change. This would be taking the clients current behavior and goals and identifying any discrepancies between their values, aspirations and current actions or situation. By doing this clients can see and examine these inconsistencies and become motivated to consider change.

Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Using Mindfulness-Based Therapy I offer a holistic approach to mental health and well-being, empowering clients to cultivate present awareness, compassion and emotional balance in their lives. I encourage clients to integrate mindfulness practices into their daily routines and activities. This allows clients to foster greater resilience, adaptive coping strategies and self-care. I incorporate various practices such as meditation, focused breathing, body scans and mindful movement.


Using Strength Based Therapy I focus on helping clients identify their existing strengths, talents, skills, resources, and solutions that empower clients overcome challenges and create meaningful and fulfilling lives.