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Hi! I'm Tori Volanski. I'm so glad you're here and that you've taken the first step towards getting support. Maybe you aren't quite sure how to focus on what matters or even find the motivation to figure it out. You want to feel better but you aren't even sure what feels wrong. You want to find more ways to connect with those important to you, lean into the joys that life has to offer and embrace new challenges. I've been there too, many times and I'm here to support you on your journey. I connect well with adults and adolescents who are exploring their identities and learning to embrace their values. I practice from a person-centered approach which means that getting to know you, your personal experiences, and what feels most important to you right now is what will guide our work together. I'm here to help connect the dots but you decide what the bigger picture is. I look forward to learning more about you and providing a place for you to be your most authentic self. Please schedule a consultation if you have any questions.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session we will get to know each other, go over important policies, and come up with a plan to move forward. The relationship we develop is one of the most important aspects of therapy and plays a big part in the success of treatment. I believe that clients already have what they need inside of them to feel better and in order for me to best support clients on their journey building a strong relationship is the first step.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I think one of my biggest strengths as a therapist is my personal experience with therapy, first at a young age and consistently throughout my life. Therapy provided a safe space for me and a consistency that didn’t exist anywhere else in my life. My goal has always been to pass that gift along to my clients. Many of the areas that I am best equipped to support clients with are things that I have spent time processing myself such as anxiety, grief, life transitions, and self-esteem.

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My treatment methods

Person-centered (Rogerian)

As a person centered therapist I believe that you have unique life experiences that impact the way you interact with the world. In order for me to support you in making changes that you want I have to first understand you just as you are, in this moment. I spend a lot of time building relationships with my clients and establishing a mutual understanding so that we know where we started and where we are headed. I view therapy as a journey that we embark on together. I do not always hold all the answers but I can you help connect the dots and encourage you to take action towards the answers that work for you. The time we schedule is yours so depending on what is best for you our sessions may feel like a conversation or they might be more interactive. As we get to know each other we will decide together if there are any specific activities you want to bring into sessions. I often utilize virtual games, art-based activities, and mindfulness with clients who are interested in exploring alternative ways of processing.

Mind-body approach

Depending on the specific client, their interest, and the safety that exists for them I utilize different mind-body approaches. I work to help clients understand the connection between their thoughts and the feelings in their body. I encourage clients to check in with their physical experiences in the moment and process the feelings that are arising in their body during sessions so that they can recognize those feelings outside of sessions. I also incorporate guided imagery, mindfulness activities, body scans, and progressive body relaxation into sessions when it makes sense for clients.

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

Once a relationship is established I get really curious about your values. We may work together to identify your core values and then we can reflect on these values as you move through choices and situations that arise in your life. Getting clear on your values can help you know when action is needed and when the thing that will actually help is learning to sit with the feeling that is coming up, even if it is uncomfortable. Accepting all feelings as useful can help guide you to make intentional choices that make sense for your life now, instead of operating on autopilot.