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Hi, I'm Barbara Moore. I have been a psychotherapist for more than 20 years, and it has been my privilege to assist people in both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric settings. I hold an MSSW from Columbia University and a PhD in Social Welfare from Case Western Reserve University. I did my clinical internship and postdoctoral work at Yale University School of Medicine. I respect and admire folks who want to grow and overcome their challenges. I hope I can be there to support you on that journey. I use a variety of evidence-based approaches, including CBT, DBT, Seeking Safety, Motivational Interviewing, and exposure therapies for PTSD. We will talk about what you would like to achieve in therapy, and we will map out a way to get there. Specialties: Depression Anxiety Trauma and PTSD Substance Use Disorders Borderline Personality Disorder Narcissism

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