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Eliana Gassette


13 years of experience

Hi there, I am Eliana Gassette. I am an LMHC for more than 13 years. I speak English and Spanish. I am specializing in anxiety, ADHD, depression, and panic attacks. I love mixing cognitive behavior and conversation to get to the root of your struggles. Do you feel pulled in a million directions, unable to fit it all in? Are you struggling with your relationships, work, and health? Is it hard to be kind to yourself? I help high performers manage anxiety and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Together, we can identify what's not working and get back to balance. We'll use a whole-self approach, addressing the needs of your mind, body, and spirit. I also integrate mindfulness to help you develop a stronger relationship with yourself. I'll meet you with compassion and evidence-based techniques so you can overcome your struggles. Let's work together! My website is https://www.focusmind.online

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In the initial session with me, clients can expect a warm and welcoming environment where they can feel safe to openly discuss their concerns and begin their therapeutic journey. Here's an overview of what typically occurs during the first session: Introduction and Paperwork: We'll start by introducing ourselves and completing any necessary paperwork, such as consent forms and intake questionnaires. This paperwork helps me gather essential background information about the client's personal history, current challenges, and therapeutic goals. Building Rapport: I'll take time to build rapport and establish a trusting therapeutic relationship with the client. I'll encourage them to share their thoughts, feelings, and expectations for therapy while actively listening and validating their experiences. Goal Setting: Together, we'll collaboratively identify and prioritize the client's therapy goals. I'll encourage the client to articulate what they hope to achieve through therapy and discuss realistic expectations for the therapeutic process. Explaining the Therapeutic Process: I'll provide an overview of my therapeutic approach and discuss how we can work together to address the client's concerns and achieve their goals. I'll explain the confidentiality of therapy, as well as any policies or guidelines relevant to our work together. Addressing Questions and Concerns: I'll invite the client to ask any questions or express any concerns they may have about therapy, the therapeutic process, or my approach as a therapist. I'll ensure that the client feels comfortable and informed about what to expect moving forward. Closure and Next Steps: We'll conclude the session by summarizing our discussion, discussing any initial insights or strategies that emerged, and outlining the next steps for therapy. This may include scheduling future sessions, recommending additional assessments or resources, or providing homework assignments to support the client's progress between sessions.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a provider, I believe my greatest strengths lie in my ability to establish a strong therapeutic alliance, my dedication to ongoing professional development, and my commitment to providing compassionate and evidence-based care. Here are some key strengths I bring to my practice: Empathy and Compassion: I deeply empathize with my clients' struggles and am committed to providing a compassionate and nonjudgmental space where they feel heard, understood, and valued. I strive to create a therapeutic environment characterized by warmth, empathy, and genuine caring, fostering a sense of safety and trust that encourages clients to explore their concerns openly and honestly. Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity: I recognize and respect the unique cultural backgrounds, identities, and experiences of each client, and I am committed to providing culturally competent care that honors their individuality and values. I strive to create an inclusive and affirming space where clients from diverse backgrounds feel respected, understood, and empowered to express themselves authentically. Collaborative Approach: I view therapy as a collaborative process between myself and the client, where we work together as partners to explore concerns, set goals, and develop personalized strategies for growth and healing. I actively involve clients in the therapeutic decision-making process, encouraging their input and feedback to ensure that therapy aligns with their needs, preferences, and values. Holistic Perspective: I take a holistic approach to therapy, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit in promoting overall well-being. I integrate various therapeutic modalities and techniques to address the multifaceted nature of my clients' concerns, focusing not only on symptom reduction but also on fostering personal growth, resilience, and fulfillment in all areas of life. Commitment to Professional Growth: I am dedicated to ongoing professional development and stay informed about the latest research, best practices, and therapeutic approaches in the field of psychology. I regularly participate in continuing education, supervision, and peer consultation to enhance my clinical skills and expand my knowledge base, ensuring that I provide the highest quality of care to my clients. Resilience and Flexibility: I approach challenges with resilience and adaptability, remaining open-minded and flexible in my therapeutic approach to meet the evolving needs of my clients. I

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My treatment methods

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

I have a strong inclination towards employing various therapeutic approaches, with a particular fondness for the integration of Holistic therapy alongside Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a prevalent method in the fields of psychology and counseling. Although my engagement with CBT has primarily been academic in nature, I possess a comprehensive grasp of its application within clinical contexts. Holistic therapy is an approach to healing that considers the entire person—mind, body, and spirit—in the quest for optimal health and wellness. Unlike traditional medical treatments that focus solely on alleviating symptoms, holistic therapy seeks to address the root causes of ailments by examining various aspects of an individual's life, including their lifestyle, environment, emotions, beliefs, and relationships.

Compassion Focused

Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) is a relatively recent therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Paul Gilbert. It is rooted in evolutionary psychology and focuses on enhancing self-compassion and promoting emotional healing. CFT is particularly useful for individuals struggling with shame, self-criticism, and low self-esteem.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a goal-oriented and strengths-based therapeutic approach that focuses on helping individuals identify and work toward solutions to their problems, rather than dwelling on the problems themselves. While my primary experience with SFBT

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

Culturally sensitive therapy can be applied in various therapeutic modalities, including individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy. It is particularly relevant in addressing mental health disparities and ensuring that mental health services are accessible and effective for individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

The therapist assists clients in recognizing and expressing their underlying emotions, which may be masked by surface-level conflicts or defensive behaviors. By creating a safe and supportive environment, clients can explore vulnerable emotions such as fear, sadness, or longing.