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Keri Nuske

Keri Nuske

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Hi I’m Keri Nuske. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing therapy in Indiana. I am an EMDR therapist. I enjoy working with children, teens and adults of all ages. I specialize in helping my clients navigate through life changes and stressors. I specialize in trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, PTSD, grief and loss. I offer individual, child, teen, or family therapy. I provide Christian counseling. I also offer music and art therapy.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

We will do an intake assessment and explore what has brought you to counseling at this point in your life and decide the frequency of treatment and goals to be obtained.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I connect with my clients well. They often tell me that they feel helped, benefited and understood. I am a therapist that has been in therapy myself at multiple stages of my life. I know what good therapy is and what it isn’t! I know what it is like to heal. My undergrad was in performing arts and I worked in the entertainment industry straight out of college in 2010. Working, coaching and teaching in the entertainment industry helped me realize just how many people had untreated mental health needs. When my family moved to a Indiana for my husband’s work, the demographics were much different and I decided to switch careers from the entertainment industry to mental health where the needs seemed much more prevalent. I started out volunteering in recovery homes and worked in a residential facility for juveniles with delinquency issues. I graduated from Campbellsville University in 2020 and worked with perpetrators of domestic violence, sexual violence, and sexual victims. I work with a lot of neurodivergent clients with trauma. I am good at helping people with perspective, strength-building, recalibrating, and getting out of their lives what they didn’t think could happen for them.

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My treatment methods

Christian Counseling

Biblical counseling for clients wanting Biblical guidance. Effective for any issue of life. Brings clarity, freedom and healing into any wound through obedience, repentance and restoration.

Trauma-Focused CBT

Helping people problem solve through their issues facilitates mobility and clarity of mind. If there are any depression, anxiety, or PTSD symptoms (like dissociation) clouding our automatic responses in everyday life, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy helps us process the past while advocating for our present needs to be met in a safe and healthy way. TF-CBT facilitates decision-making that helps us process where we have been, how we want to respond to the affects of trauma today, and where we want to go with our future. You can have peace with the past and hope for the future.


I use the standard EMDR protocol of bilateral movements to process target memories and places of stuck strongholds to help the client decrease distress. EMDR can be used for children or adults. Clinical research shows that EMDR works for almost every kind of issue regardless of diagnosis and is supreme for processing, trauma, depression, anxiety, difficult life situations, upsetting issues, and healing after sexual abuse.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is designed for children typically 10 and under. It can help children process anxieties, heal through life stressors and learn healthy coping through play. I also incorporate music, art, therapeutic games to help children express themselves through creative outlets. Parents are usually highly involved in the healing process to share updates from week to week on whether behavior target goals are getting met.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is effective for families and couples going through change, loss, adoption, fostering, blended family, delinquent child, divorce, family conflict, betrayal, addiction, and parent-child relationships. I help the family unit work on healthy, adaptive and safe interactions without manipulation, emotional or psychological abuse issues. With marital difficulty I assist couples to assess what deeper issues may be contributing to marital unwellness. For non-married but committed couples - helping them assess what they want in a relationship, what they will tolerate and what is non-negotiable for their values and wellness. With couples with children that may be causing some additional stress, parent training is usually involved to help with boundary setting and family overall wellness and health.