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If you are tired of relationship stress, communication challenges, dissatisfaction with you partner or general relationship frustrations, you have visit the right page. Greetings to you and welcome to my profile! I am Julienne (Jay), your couples therapist. I appreciate seeing that you're making your wellness and/or the wellness of your relationship a priority. I specialize in helping couples to alleviate relationship stress and restore peace and connection. My approach initially involves communication coaching followed by addressing, discussing and resolving the challenging issues faced in the relationship. My unique approach has been praised for reducing emotional tension, deepening intimacy, and enhancing connection, communication and conflict resolutions for couples.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I prefer that we set up a quick free 15-minute consult to determine the best fit, and discuss my approach and your expectations. IF YOU DON'T SEE A TIME THAT WORKS FOR YOU REACH OUT TO ME DIRECTLY *FOR COUPLES, it's important that you complete the comprehensive couple's assessment, we can discuss this more during your 15-minute consultation call or during you first full consultation session with me. In our first session, we are establishing an end goal. I like to start with the end in mind, this helps me to customize your therapeutic experience in a way that will best suit your needs. ***It's important to note here that there is a late cancellation and no-show charge of $60, if you are not able to make your appointment, to avoid fees cancel 24 hours before your scheduled time. ***

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My greatest strength is working with couples. I take a very unique approach when I am working with couples around communication issues. I utilize a simple tool that I have customized to help couples get unstuck in what they've described as the pain points in their relationship experience.

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My treatment methods

Couples Counseling

This type of psychotherapy is used with every couple I work with to help improve their relationship. My process is very unique and structured however I do use various approaches, including solution-focus brief treatment (SFBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and a host of other methods/tools that is appropriate for the need of the relationship. These sessions focus on relationship issues such as communication and conflict resolution. The length of sessions can be ongoing and depends on the severity of the couple's presenting issues however meaningful changes can be experienced using my method as early as the first 3 sessions. For this process to be effective both must be motivated, open to the process, willing, and ready to do what is recommended during sessions.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

This method helps to reach treatment goals in fewer sessions 3-10 typically but can be more depending on the severity of presenting issues. I use this method to address all matters in my practice. This is a goal-oriented method, a short-term process that focuses on solutions rather than problems. Couples find this method helpful in helping to communicate about their desired future and exploring pathways to achieve it.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

This evidence-based approach I use to help clients identify and challenge negative thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors contributing to their problems. Sessions will consist of me teaching and building coping skills to encourage healthier and positive behavior changes that are implemented in practice particularly outside of sessions. CBT is usually a longer process than SFBT and depends again on the severity of the presenting issues and how the client is responding to information and making changes. This is mostly employed when addressing anxiety and depressive symptoms.