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Mary Cole

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I am a licensed professional counselor who works with women and men. I help individuals navigate challenging life issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-esteem, anger management. I also work with people who have experienced domestic and/or emotional abuse by establishing healthy boundaries. I have a master of science in Guidance and Counseling from the University of West and a Bachelor of Science in Human Services and Psychology from Clayton State University. I received additional training in emotional disorders and trauma as a part of my post-master degree program and additional intensive training to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist (CCTP) and a Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS II). I enjoy my work as a therapist, and I believe that having these qualities creates an opportunity to help and truly connect with my clients. This approach helps my client to become part of the therapeutic process and, to feel safe and comfortable throughout the therapy process. The first step to a more fulfilling and happier life is the courage to take the first steps towards a change because seeing the beauty and potential in yourself and life is essential. If you are ready to take that step I am here to support and empower you. I look forward to working with you! Please note that I am only able to schedule appointments on the hour (i.e., 10:00 am), and cannot accommodate appointments on the half-hour (i.e., 10:30 am). Also note: Initial intake assessments are not in-person but, completed as telehealth appointments. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled as in-person sessions or telehealth. If you wish to schedule in-person follow-up appointments, please know that these appointments can be scheduled for Tuesdays as I am only in the office this day of the week. Wednesday-Friday are telehealth appointments only. You may use either option to schedule appointments: Phone: +1 (786) 755-1863 Email:

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, we'll start with brief introductions, then dive into the specific challenges you're facing. This will help me create a tailored plan for us to work through in follow-up sessions.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My counseling style is to seek to understand each individual holistically, including their backgrounds and the strengths they already possess to provide an individualized approach.

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My treatment methods

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

My experience is aimed to help clients uncover and draw on innate coping mechanisms to manage their trauma and move toward flourishing. In our sessions together, clients work to process painful past experiences by uncovering and experiencing difficult emotions as well as identifying and working through the defenses they’ve built over the years to manage their distress. Over time, clients will develop new coping skills, restore their ability to trust, and be more comfortable feeling their own emotions and more capable of conveying them to those around them.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I am trained in Cognitive behavioral therapy (an evidence-based treatment that’s grounded in theory and skill-based dialogue (conversations) to help you with the issues you're having. I provide a supportive, nonjudgmental and safe environment that allows clients to talk openly with me. At the start of therapy, you’ll discuss challenges you’re dealing with, symptoms you’ve noticed and any concerns you have. If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental health condition, please be open with me. This important first step will help you set goals for your therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy usually takes place over a limited number of sessions (typically five to 20). You shouldn’t expect results immediately. CBT usually takes time and sometimes involves uncomfortable work. Think of me as a partner working with you through a process. If you keep working together toward the goals you’ve set, you’ll be able to mark your progress over time.