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Juanita Pettaway,LCSW

Juanita Pettaway,LCSW


8 years of experience

I have been known as the "Self-Empowering" therapist and the "Green Couch" therapist. My gift of exhortation has made me aware that I have the ability to speak hope and accountability into a person's life for them to choose their area of growth at the pace they choose, thus becoming the "Self-Empowering" therapist. My Clinical Specialty Areas: Depression, Anxiety, Holistic Treatment & Christian Counseling. My background in business and community work, along with clinical therapy, has allowed me to identify the need for "Green Couch therapy" as entrepreneurs and business owners are on the rise but have difficulty separating their self-worth from their business profit, or their mental health interferes with business productivity. I am a creative clinician to work with, thus making me open-minded to hearing your story and working at a pace that is comfortable to you. Most of my clients have stayed with me on average for 1.5 years because I allow them to feel validated and yet uncomfortable at times for them to be able to GROW.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Caring is the first quality clients observe about me. I provide compassionate services for individuals seeking emotional and spiritual wellness. Clients are aware although I may not be a traditional motivational interviewing type of therapist I am a courageous self-empowering therapist that offers many tools during sessions and often encourages a compliment or psychoanalytical (out-of-the-box) question for the week. We can't come to therapy and do what we've always done because we will leave with the same results. I am the "Self-Empowering" therapist that will lead you where you want to go. Let me help you on the journey to the New YOU!

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

During sessions, I will teach you techniques to apply to your circumstances. Depression and Anxiety can feel defeating, I know, but we will process the PAST together to alleviate depression and think differently about the FUTURE to manage anxiety. Tools Taught in Session: Mind-Body-Soul Relationship Expectation Levels Thoughts vs. Feelings vs. Emotions Coping Skills Cognitive Behavior Therapy Motivational Enhancement Therapy Scripture Support

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Mental Health Specialties: 1. Holistic Therapy (Mind, Body & Soul in alignment by reviewing diet. Also, use 5 senses for healing) 2. Depression 3. Anxiety 4. Christian Counseling Business Therapy: Specific for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs (non-insurance service, not medically necessary, possible business write-off) Increase Confidence Separate Self Worth from Business Income Life-Work Balance Process Confidential Information Explore Business Growth

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