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Hello, I am an experienced clinical trauma professional who engages in a holistic mind, body, and spirit approach in my work with racially, economically, sexually, and culturally diverse persons. As a licensed clinical social worker, clinical trauma professional, and mental health integrative medicine professional, I focus on the clients as people, not as conditions or as diagnoses. In working with chronically and complexly traumatized individuals, couples, and families I recognize and interact with clients affirming that they are deserving of empathy, respect, and dignity. To this end, the treatment methods I use are tailored and combined to meet the needs of each specific individual, couple, and family I work with. I counsel clients who are struggling with traumatic stress disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, problem behaviors, and addictive behaviors. The healing journey intentionally addresses the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Evidenced-based traditional, holistic, and expressively creative client-centered therapeutic processes and interventions are used to help clients overcome limiting, self-defeating thoughts & feelings about self-worth, relationships, and patterns of choices that lead to dysfunctional behaviors. Clients learn to manage the underlying issues that interfere with family, social, vocational, or educational functioning.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In first sessions, clients are encouraged to share as much as they are comfortable about what brings them to therapy and what they hope to gain from the process. They are are encouraged to ask questions of me to ensure that they feel that I am a good fit to support them through this process. The first session is intentionally loosely structured so that clients are able to feel and embrace control of their process.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a trauma therapist, my greatest strengths lie in my ability to empathize and relate to clients without enabling feelings of pity and dependency. I support clients in recognizing and using the strengths and resources they already possess and in finding ways to apply those strengths and resources in ways that are meaningful, effective and in alignment with their values.

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My treatment methods

Trauma-Focused CBT

As a trauma professional I use a variety of treatment methods to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are easily accessible to help clients understand the connections between thoughts and feelings how they impact actions. The skills client build using CBT are transferrable to learning to regulate expressions of emotion, manage anxiety, regulate mood, change unhealthy behavioral patterns, and relate to self and others in healthier ways.

Cognitive Processing (CPT)

As a trauma professional I use a variety of treatment methods to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. Cognitive Processing Therapy is effective in helping clients challenge beliefs that keep them stuck in their trauma. CPT helps clients replace patterns of distorted cognitions that reinforce negative self-talk with realistic cognitions that support positive, validating self-talk and an affirming acceptance of self.

Dialectical Behavior (DBT)

As a trauma professional I use a variety of treatment methods to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a skills-based intervention that is effective in helping clients regulate emotional reactivity to trauma triggers. Like CBT and TF-CBT, skills learned in DBT are easily accessible and transferrable to many situations in life.


As a trauma professional I use a variety of treatment methods to meet the therapeutic needs of clients. Recognizing that there a unique components to every case, I do not prescribe to a "One-Size-Fits-All" treatment approach. In addition to TF-CBT, CBT, CPT, and DBT, I have successfully supported clients in integrating components of Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Creative Expressions, and psychoeducation into their Psychodynamic Talk Therapy.