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Brynna Clary

Brynna Clary


5 years of experience

I believe the most important part of therapy is a relationship that is non-judgmental, open, and warm. I want our time together to be collaborative. I want to understand what has worked for you in the past and what you’d like to focus on in your future. I grew up in Louisiana and started my training in New Orleans, where I worked with clients from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. I have worked with court-mandated clients, domestic violence survivors, to private therapy settings. My treatment specialties range from depression, anxiety, substance use, and trauma. I use techniques ranging from cognitive behavioral approach to EMDR when appropriate. I believe there is no such thing as “therapy as usual” because each person has a unique worldview, history, and personal goals. I want therapy to feel tailored to you and be a space for you to explore what’s on your mind.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Our first session together will include understanding the therapy process as a whole,

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My clinical focus is on anxiety and depression, but what I find is my biggest strength being a therapist is being able to make you feel comfortable and safe sharing what is going on in your life. There is nothing that you can tell me that scares me or changes how I feel.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Processing (CPT)

CPT is an effective and time-oriented approach for trauma. Clients will find this is a helpful "top-down" approach to trauma, which examines how your thoughts affect your worldview and experience of traumatic events.


EMDR is a "bottom-up" approach to trauma, where you can process traumatic events with bilateral stimulation. I see this as a helpful tool for my clients who find the cognitive approach tiresome or do not feel they are making progress through talk therapy interventions.


Existential therapy examines how your values, worldview, and individual experiences can aid you in deciding where you want to go in life.

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