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Kelley Brown

Kelley Brown


20 years of experience
Solution oriented

Hello, My name is Kelley Brown and I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC), anger management specialist and life coach. Additionally, I am a mental health first aid instructor/ advocate across the State of Georgia. I have a wonderful practice, Joy in Motion ( that I am proud of because it focuses on healing, hope and restoration for individuals, families and couples. I have created therapeutic resources (journals) to aid individuals I work with to develop positive self-talk, reflection and affirmations. My practice is currently remote, in person sessions will be available in March. I have been passionate about serving others for decades. I'm a former educator. My education background and behavioral health experience are my greatest joy because I am and have been afforded the opportunity to play a part in the restoration and freedom in the lives of so many individuals.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

My first sessions are never the same as I try and get a good sense on how the individual is presenting and most times that dictates the initial conversation. In most first sessions, I like for each of us to introduce ourselves to begin building rapport. I like to share a few things about myself just to provide background and foundation for connectivity. After the introductions, I ask the individual how can I serve you. Although it has been documented by the individual on why they are seeking counsel, I like to ask specifically, "How can I serve you?" What is that "thing" that you feel you want to address first?

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My greatest strength as a provider is building a healthy therapeutic rapport with the individuals I have worked with and as a result, I've consistently seen positive outcomes. My person-centered, high accountability yet gentle approach has allowed me to work with many challenging cases and see successful outcomes. I am a great active listener. I do not judge nor patronize the individuals I serve. I am authentic and serve from an ethical and moral compass.

About Kelley Brown

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I've used CBT treatment method for over 10 years. This method has proven to be successful while working with individuals living with trauma. I enjoy working with individuals using this modality because I get to assist individuals in identifying negative unhealthy thoughts and challenge them through thought monitoring and confrontation in a way that promotes positive thinking. I utilize psychoeducational worksheets, videos, books, etc. as a means to increase awareness and decrease symptomology.


Gestalt is one of my favorit treatment methods. This modality has been proven to forge the most difficult stubborn cases forward. I've used this treatment model many times over the past decade. In using this orientation, I focus on the present functioning of the individual instead of ruminating over the past. My main goal in utilizing this modality is to assist the individual in being whole - mind, emotions, body and soul; develop a new perspective to bring positive change in their lives.


I my years of work, I have found the middle age and older adult population respond best to this treatment model. Life happens to us all and being able to find meaning and purpose in life after major life changes in age, career, relationships, grief, etc. can be troublesome however, it is possible.

Couples Counseling

Individual, family and couples are my jam...I believe in second chances, restoration and healing. I've worked with many couples for almost 20 years and I love it. There is no one size fit all while working with couples. I enjoy utilizing principles from the Gottman Method and a work study guide by Gary Chapman. In my practice, I emphasize rebuilding friendship, conflict resolution and finding a shared meaning in the relationship. I emphasize forgiveness, grace, and trust are factors utilized to help couples increase closeness, intimacy and emotional connection. There are multiple homework actionable exercises I employ to get rekindle the spark if there is a true desire to work the work; it takes two.

Grief Therapy

Grief therapy is another one of found passions. I became a lover of grief therapy post COVID. Grief comes in all shapes and sizes and it often times come without warning. In my many years of working with indivduals, I found David Kessler finding meaning - the 6 stages of grief model to be effective. My objective in grief counseling is to bring awareness and help the individual live with less pain associated with the lose and learn to live with move love - remembering more of the legacy and love that was once shared in the relationship.