Sherby John Guillory Jr., LCSW - Texas Therapist at Grow Therapy

Sherby John Guillory Jr.

Sherby John Guillory Jr.


16 years of experience

Greetings to you and all With a wish for good health and peace in your life. My name is Sherby John. I have been working and learning along this journey, we call life, just as you have. It can be a journey filled with joy and struggle. Have you reached a point where it seems there is more struggle than joy or feel stuck in the muck that seems to only get deeper or harder to transgress? Then maybe it is time to find new paths and options by having a guide on this journey. Therapy can be a vehicle for change and development of workable tools to assist in continuing with this journey. Whether you are dealing with Depression, Life changes, Anxiety, Relationships, Trauma, or a new medical or mental health diagnosis, therapy can be a useful mechanism for support, discernment, and information. I would like to provide you with a safe and welcoming environment and space to relieve yourself of these stressors through working on alternatives to current reactions to triggers or stressors in the way of continuing your journey, your way and at your own pace. Come in. Lets Talk. Lets get to work.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

"Change your Thoughts and you change your world," Peale This is the true beginning of any change that is sought.