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Lisa Feldmann/Koegler

Lisa Feldmann/Koegler


22 years of experience
Solution oriented

Hello! So glad you are here! Do you get into relationships hoping that this time things will be different? Do you feel overwhelmed and have a hard time exploring and working towards your goals or just life fulfillment? Would you like a more kind and loving relationship with yourself? I love helping people who are ready to identify patterns that hold them back from happiness and fulfillment in both relationship and other areas of life. My name is Lisa and I provide therapy for both addictions and mental health issues. While I have treated those with active addiction for many years, I also treat the patterns stemming from addictions and family dysfunction. This can impact relationships as well as how we see ourselves throughout life. I have a Masters of Education degree in Counselor Education from Southern Illinois University specializing in Substance Abuse. From substance abuse counseling, I have expanded my areas of specialties to include family and relationship dynamics and how to heal survival skills" that have evolved into self defeating life patterns.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I our first session, we will explore your current challenges that you would like to address plus, any personal history you feel comfortable sharing. This will allow us to develop a personalized treatment plan to help guide us in the sessions that follow.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

While I do use my intuition, I follow the methods of: Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Based - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, blended with other formats of talk therapy. Both myself and my clients have found the following tools to be useful: Karpman's Drama Triangle, Transactional Analysis, The Laundry List from Adult Children of Alcoholics, and The Five Levels of Intimacy to name a few.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I feel that helping others increase their sense of worth as well as foster self supportive behaviors that foster growth is one of my biggest strengths. I also find success with guiding clients with implementing Low Motivation Goals to work towards positive change.

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