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Lynn Childress

Lynn Childress


12 years of experience

Are you looking to improve your overall mental health? Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Do you want to change the way that you view yourself or life itself? I give tools that can help you overcome the lies that you have been told about who you are and discover the truths about yourself. I am an LCMHCS and I specialize in anxiety, depression, and trauma. My philosophy is that no adversity is a waste of your time if you learn from it, become stronger because of it, and help others through it. That is what I do.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is a "get-to-know-you" session. Not only will I learn about you I feel that it is important that you know who you are talking to.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have worked in many areas of mental health but I am very passionate about adolescents and women's issues. Whether you are dealing with a failed relationship, past family traumas, or just feel like you are not moving forward therapy is a wonderful place to begin your journey of healing.

About Lynn Childress

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

II have been using CBT since the start of my career. I use CBT when working with anxiety and depression associated with circumstantial and chemical imbalances as well as adjustment disorders.

Trauma-Focused CBT

I use TF-CBT when working with my clients who have experienced past or present traumas.


I have used Gestalt Therapy when working with trauma clients periodically.