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Welcome, This probably isn’t the first step you’ve taken on the path towards your own self-actualization. Often, we get really good at getting by and solving the problem on our own. Sometimes we figure it out, and other times we don’t. Or it works for a while, until we hit a new phase. Or maybe, it’s just too difficult to do the dishes when the world is on fire. I see that you’ve been trying, and I see that life is fucking hard. You may not have reached out to someone before now because a safe space wasn't available. You may have felt outcasted, or othered, or morally wrong for feeling what you're feeling. I am here to tell you that your experience is morally neutral, and you deserve a place to process it. When we get stuck solving problems on our own, we often become rooted in these complex systems we’ve created, yet to be unearthed. These existed long before we had any say in the matter, likely from early childhood development. But now you are in control. You get to decide what stays and what has decayed. My task is to be a mirror, to help you see the forest through the trees, and walk alongside you through it.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I like to spend the first session getting to know each other, before you start telling your whole story to a stranger. We won't get too deep here, but instead set expectations for treatment and the therapeutic relationship. I will also answer any questions you may have about what therapy looks like. I tend to be client-led in my sessions. You have the platform to process whatever you need, while I look for patterns. From there, we can begin to do deeper work and create a plan to make lasting changes.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

It is often difficult to find a provider we feel safe opening up to, especially if we have to lay the groundwork for understanding our identity. I am LGBTQIA+, Polyamorous, Kink, and Pagan Allied. This strength allows me to better serve my clients by already speaking their language. My strength in session lies in my ability to identify where an issue may be stemming from, and drive insight for my clients to become more self-aware of the thought processes and behaviors that no longer serve them.

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Schema Therapy

I utilize Schema theory as the lens through which I conceptualize a case. I believe that we have internalized beliefs on the unconscious level, that drive our core beliefs and values, that ultimately culminate in how we see and experience the world.


With the basis of Schema Theory, I utilize an eclectic approach including Trauma-Informed CBT, Emotions Focused, Mindfulness, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Jungian, and Psychoanalytic techniques, among others. I feel it is important to be well versed in a variety of modalities in order to meet you where you're at.