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I mainly work with complex highly educated people interested in long term therapy who have significant life experience, aged 35 and over-- you realize self-improvement will take time and work. Most of my clients have developed serious and/or specialized interests in the arts or sciences, as I have. I'm a published personality researcher and former consulting psychologist for the California Dept of Mental Health, and have professional music composing and performance experience. I have wide and far-flung experience in many areas of the world, and worked in database design/programming for several F500 companies including Eli Lilly and Hertz I've been licensed 17 years, had a specialized training sequence in Jungian psychology, worked professionally in the human services, music and information technology industries and have lived over 60 years. If you want a therapist/analyst with knowledge that only comes from some talent combined with wide experience, I may be able to be of assistance. I have decades of clinical experience with people ranging from inmates in State prisons to scientifically brilliant individuals making progress in the areas of life-saving new medications. I've training in meditation (Zen, TM, Yoga, Tibetan), music, and endurance athletics. One central idea I love is "We can only fix the future." I like to help people move into a better one. But PLEASE see ground rules below. There are no exceptions. IMPORTANT NOTICES: 1) I have a Strict no-show/Late Cancellation policy. Cancellations less than 24 hours before appointments result in me billing a no-show fee. 2) All clients have a right to their notes from therapy for a "reasonable charge." ( State law) My fee is $20 per record. However any type of advocacy, for instance offering opinions on disability, involvement in lawsuits, and communication with agencies like Child Protective Services or your lawyers or the like is only handled in my independent private practice separate from GROW's intermediation. there is a sizeable retainer required before any discussion or work and my higher hourly fees are almost never covered by insurance.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I start with what's at top-of-mind, then branch out to try to get as complete a picture of the multiple interacting and self-modifying systems with which they interact. Well have basic genetic endowment, early childhood experinces, education, family and professional experiences, possible health and substance use history, some spiritual viewpoints--all of these form an intricate system of interactive feedback loops, the skill of the psychotherapist is to pick out the precise points of intervention that shift things into what I call a "Positive spiral of improvement"which will benefit the client most at any given time. Change is gradual, so it's important to monitor progress but not be too impatient

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

To be blunt: Gifted and Talented. World travelled former F500 programmer, extensive experience with everyone from 8 years olds with anxiety to 70 years old with cognitive problems. Published researcher in peer reviewed journals on established psych tests used by government agencies.

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Seven years of Jungian analysis with a senior professor of the San Francisco Jung Institute, supervision by Mary Ann Mattoon, one of the first female graduates of the