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Adulting is hard and brings its own sets of challenges! In fact, adulthood can be a rollercoaster ride at times. Although rewarding, being an adult has its ups and downs. Sometimes we find our “downs” are making us feel anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or stuck. Because there is no definitive “how to guide” for adulting, we might find ourselves having a tough time navigating some of the bumps or downs we find ourselves experiencing. What I want you to know is you do not have to feel this way forever – living a different life and enacting change is possible. And I am here to support you along the way! As a therapist, I am passionate about working with adult clients who are in early adulthood (18-35). I frequently see clients who could use extra support with navigating adulthood. Commonly, I work with clients who want to identify and act on solutions to help them feel differently, gain insight into their concerns, or even find more effective ways to cope with what’s bothering them. I often work with clients who are going through a life transition, are coping with changes in their life, or want to make a change in their life (but aren’t sure how). Frequent concerns that tend to pop up in my work with clients include anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm, irritability, low motivation, feeling "stuck", problems sleeping and burnout. I also support clients with perfectionism, health concerns, grief/loss, poor work-life balance, difficulties boundary setting, and/or a desire to communicate more effectively. If any of this resonates with you, please reach out and schedule your intake appointment. It would be a pleasure to work with you!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Research suggests that the most important vehicle for change in psychotherapy is the client-therapist relationship. Therefore, our first session will be focused on building rapport and getting to know each other. I want to get to know you as a person, not just what brings you in! It may feel a little bit weird to talk about yourself, but I am here to listen and am eager to learn about you. We will also discuss what brings you into therapy. Of course, I will share a little bit about myself (professionally) and how I can help. We will end the session with identifying some provisional treatment goals, answering any questions you may have, and discussing next steps (like scheduling).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

One of my greatest strengths as a therapist is meeting clients where they’re currently at in their mental health journey. For me, meeting a client where they are means honoring and respecting them where they’re at in their journey as opposed to where I think they “should” be. This allows you to have more autonomy over what therapy looks like, how it unfolds, and the overall pace of the process. As a therapist, I believe that clients are experts of their own lives and value your say in this process. I also think meeting a client where they’re at sets the stage for individualized care (which is something I very much value as a therapist).

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As a therapist, I understand each client has unique needs and preferences. I also understand clients might resonate more with some forms of therapy more others. Therefore, I use a blended approach (also called eclectic) with my clients to help them meet their needs. My job is to meet you where you're at, so I adjust my approach accordingly using forms of treatment I am trained in. Common forms of therapy I utilize with clients includes CBT, ACT, DBT, solution-focused therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, and person-centered therapy.