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40 years of experience

Hey there! I'm a Marriage and Family Therapist from California with 40 years of diving deep into the world of mental health, spiced up with a dash of international flair. My journey has taken me through a Psy.D. program to complete in Clinical Psychology, a master's in Counseling Psychology, and a bachelor's in Sociology. Living and working across the globe has fine-tuned my knack for connecting with people from all walks of life. I'm all about helping you find your ‘Zen’ again, mixing and matching the best bits from CBT and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to create a chill, judgment-free zone where we can work things out together.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In your first session with me, you'll find a warm and secure space to openly discuss your experiences at your comfort level. We'll start by demystifying the therapy process, covering confidentiality, your goals for therapy, and our collaborative approach. I'll conduct a thorough assessment to grasp your background, current challenges, and aspirations from therapy, ensuring your needs guide our journey. This session is an opportunity for you to voice any questions or concerns, laying the groundwork for a trusting and cooperative relationship. My aim is for you to leave feeling acknowledged and supported, ready to embark on a positive path toward healing and growth.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

So, what am I good at? I'm a listener and I get where people are coming from, which makes my space super welcoming. I've traveled to a bunch of different places, so I get the whole cultural mix and vibe, making it easier for me to click with just about anyone. I've been doing this for a while, so I've got a solid set of skills to help sort out various mental health puzzles. I like to mix things up and tailor my approach to what works best for you. Communication is my thing—I make sure we're always on the same wavelength. I'm all about looking at the whole picture, connecting mind, body, and soul. Plus, I'm constantly hitting the books and learning new stuff to make sure I'm giving you top-notch care.

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My treatment methods


As a mental health professional, my experience with attachment-based treatment involves understanding and addressing how these early attachment patterns influence my clients' current relationships, behaviors, and emotional well-being.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

CBT is effective for such issues as depression, anxiety, anger management, stress management, pain management, PTSD, and self-esteem because it addresses the underlying thought patterns that contribute to psychological distress, providing practical skills for clients to apply in various aspects of their lives.

Couples Counseling

In couples counseling, I aim to provide a supportive and neutral space where couples can explore their issues openly, learn new skills to enhance their relationship and work collaboratively towards a healthier, more fulfilling partnership.


Integrative therapy is particularly beneficial for my clients with complex or multifaceted issues because it allows for a more nuanced and comprehensive approach to treatment than that which might be possible within a single therapeutic framework.

Culturally Sensitive Therapy

I use this approach to acknowledge the significant role that culture plays in shaping an individual's identity, worldview, and experiences, particularly concerning mental health, coping strategies, and interpersonal dynamics.