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I specialize in working with clients experiencing anxiety or depression who wish to break people-pleasing patterns. I'm passionate about demystifying therapy and empowering clients to understand their underlying issues in order to transform from the root up. I aim to bridge the gap between sessions and help form a clear path for my clients' progress. My therapeutic approach is both nurturing and structured: I listen and offer support just as much as I offer appropriate challenges. If you are feeling eager to understand yourself, to see yourself fully, and to practice self-compassion while changing harmful behaviors/thoughts, we're likely a good fit. My work consists of building rapport and insight, examining patterns, and practicing helpful skills (together + at home). I combine a variety of nervous system and cognitive tools in personalized ways with each client. At my core, I believe in choice and shared effort. Whatever we do, from the intro call onward, is a collaboration. I know finding a therapist can be difficult, and you want to be in good hands. If you resonate with me, please don't hesitate to reach out for that intro call or email! I'll be warmly waiting on the other end to make sure that we're a good fit, or at least that you leave our call with some resources and referrals for clinicians who might be a better fit.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Expect to feel like you have someone in your corner that you can laugh and cry with, and they're only there to help you rather than seek help from you, and they also hold a fair amount of knowledge about what ails you and they are excited to share this knowledge with you. And they also help you navigate understanding how those concepts apply to you and to implement solutions that your nervous system actually wants to do (rather than solutions that feel forced and you feel shame for non-compliance later).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

✨Authenticity ✨Sense of humor ✨Personalized care ✨Holistic approach ✨Recommending books + resources ✨Lived experience (Anxiety, C-PTSD)

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My treatment methods

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

If you ever say "I don't feel like myself", or notice you experience internal tug-of-war moments, IFS may be right for you. It is a gentle way to connect with parts of ourselves and learn to communicate / negotiate with them so that our "internal family" can function in a satisfying, healthy way. I also made a workbook for my clients to use to map out their parts.

Polyvagal Therapy

If you ever feel like you are hijacked by your nervous system (like how our good old friends anxiety and depression affect us: not being able to get sleep when you want to because your heart and thoughts are racing, not being able to get going on a project you want to do because you're frozen on the sofa), Polyvagal theory may be right for you. With this framework, I generally start by sharing a nifty graphic called the polyvagal chart and we work to map out your general states of being as well as states of being when triggered etc. From there, I would suggest tools and exercises for both short term damage control and long term prevention.


If you severely struggle in relationships, I would suggest DBT and EMDR work before exploring an attachment framework. If you moderately struggle in relationships (i.e. you mostly maintain them but not without anxiety / suffering), then attachment-based therapy may be right for you. Attachment-based therapy helps us develop secure attachment, to feel mostly at ease within ourselves and our relationships. With this framework, I usually start by collaboratively identifying each client's attachment style and using that to help guide our work together in changing mindsets, behaviors, and emotional regulation.