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Tina Butts

Tina Butts

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Greetings! Secular psychotherapist here. Is taking care of everyone but yourself breaking you down? Tired of being called “co-dependent”? Do you have beliefs that are different from others and feel a little “off”? Are you becoming more and more anxious or depressed? You're not alone. I help those looking for a professional confidant and can help with processing difficult transitions and even traumas. Maybe the transition you are going through is attempting to take care of aging parents while raising a family of your own. Or perhaps you are having difficulty setting boundaries with a toxic person in your life. Perhaps you are having difficulty with relationships due to a past that seems ever so present. My therapeutic style is empathetic and interpersonal. Person-centered. I use evidence-based talk therapy (Acceptance & Commitment, Narrative, etc.) and mindfulness techniques. I believe in our getting to know one another well over time. I welcome diversity in my practice, including those with other than traditional orientations: religious, sexual, gender, or otherwise. Hit the “Book Session” today to find out if we are a fit.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Clients will walk away from sessions feeling heard. Everyone's personal narrative is unique and deserves attention so they themselves can understand it. Having entered into a positive therapeutic alliance with me, clients will gain insight into their own mental processes that may have hindered their growth.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As demonstrated by my personal and professional experiences with persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses (SPMIs) and addictions and with patients and families of the chronically ill in home health and hospice, empathy is my biggest strength. I try to understand you and why you feel the way you do, no matter the situation. Everyone has reasons for what they do (whether they realize it or not). I am non-judgmental and see situations from all perspectives.

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My treatment methods

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

I use ACT because the ultimate goal with this therapy is psychological flexibility which helps a person be able to manage mental health challenges and promotes mental wellness. I help clients learn about and work through the 6 components of ACT: living in the present moment, defining values, committing to action, seeing self as context, defusing cognitive distortions, and accepting experiences both internal and external.


I use an interpersonal approach to therapy, addressing interpersonal challenges that may come up dynamically between therapist and client. Client's attachment style to family of origin and in current relationships are considered.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

I am IFS informed and work with client's parts while working within a trauma-informed approach.

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