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10 years of experience

Life can be challenging and overwhelming at times but you do not have to navigate these challenges alone. Everyone deserves to have a warm, welcoming and safe place where they can feel heard, empowered and learn ways to live a life full of meaning, happiness, self-love, fulfillment, autonomy and dignity. Do you want to create change in your life? Do you want to learn ways to better cope with difficult situations? Do you want to become the best version of yourself? I believe that everyone has the potential to thrive and shine in their purpose. Let me help you with your journey. I am a Hispanic, bilingual, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Massachusetts with 10 years of experience in the mental health field. I obtained a masters degree in mental health counseling with a concentration in forensics from the University of Massachusetts Boston. I have worked in the community, psychiatric facilities, as an in home therapist and outpatient therapist. Throughout the years I have helped clients of all ages manage their mental health and live in their purpose. My work primarily focuses on the relationship with the self and moves towards the relationship with others and various systems. I have extensive experience working with ADHD, disruptive mood dysregulation disorders, anxiety, depressive disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, substance addiction, psychosis, racial trauma, OCD as well as many other mental health disorders. I also pride my self in providing quality services to ethnic and racial minorities, dismantling systems of oppression, increasing social justice and providing advocacy for individuals who look like me, which is a very prime and important aspect of my work. “Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” -Toni Morrison *ONLY ACCEPTING CLIENTS 21 AND OLDER AT THIS MOMENT*

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During the first session, clients can expect to be embraced and provided with respect. Clients will share their struggles, be able to ask questions and be provided with information on the counseling process and confidentiality. During the counseling process, I strive to make clients feel that they are the authors of their own story. They will work in collaboration with me while understanding that they already posses the ability from within, to create change. Many times we fall prey to living with a victim mentality. Clients realize that they are powerful, courageous, able to cope with difficult situations, live an autonomous and productive life despite of mental health disorders and recreate their own stories. Clients will learn the importance of self-love, feel confident, empowered and understand that they are worthy of a life full of happiness and dignity. I enjoy working with clients who are willing to work towards increasing their self love, self realization and self actualization. My clients understand that diagnoses, symptoms and/or difficulties, do not define who they are. Further, racial and ethnic minorities gravitate towards my services as they feel empowered, heard and become more of aware of their power and importance.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My counseling approach is person centered, empathic, judgement free, raw and genuine, open minded, dynamic, warm and humorous. During sessions, I am able to connect with clients of all races, ethnicities, social economic statuses and backgrounds. Clients feel heard and empowered during sessions which leads to an improvement in their mental health and a better quality of life.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have been using Cognitive behavioral therapy for many years. CBT has helped many clients identify the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviors. CBT can be used to decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression as well as many other disorders. Clients may move towards living a more fulfilling life when they are in better control of their cognitive distortions and maladaptive behaviors.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

Solution focused brief therapy will be used in sessions to help clients focus on the future and solutions to their situation. Clients will identify goals and map out a plan, in collaboration with me, to create change. I have witnessed many clients benefit from solution focused brief therapy as it focuses on action and it allows clients to understand that they have the power and ability to contribute to their own destiny.

Daialectical Behavior (DBT)

DBT consists of many components that may help clients decrease symptoms. Clients learn about mindfulness which can direct them to be more aware of their emotions and use grounding techniques to remain present and focused. Clients also learn about distress tolerance which allows them to be better able to manage distress and negative feelings. Further, clients learn about emotional regulation which allows them to be better able to cope with negative and/or intense emotions and respond to these in an effective manner. With DBT, clients will learn skills to cope with stress, handle their emotions, decrease symptoms and have a better relationship with themselves and others.


A strengths based approach helps clients move away from focusing and dwelling on their possible shortcomings, undesirable situations and symptoms. Instead, clients will identify and focus on their strengths, qualities, skills and abilities. Clients understand that they are resilient and capable of creating change utilizing positive aspects of themselves. *The above listed treatment methods are some of the many treatment methods utilized in my sessions. I am cognizant that not all treatment methods, styles and approaches are appropriate and/or helpful for every client. Hence, treatment methods utilized will be based on the individual. My sessions are carefully tailored to cater to clients based on their needs. LET’S HEAL TOGETHER!