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Susan Lipkin

Susan Lipkin


36 years of experience

Hi! I'm independently licensed in Clinical Social Work, with over 30 years of experience. I have worked extensively with women and men who have survived a range of traumatic experiences, including physical and sexual abuse. I have worked with women who have experienced trauma, including domestic violence, and who are coping with major life transitions. I have worked with individuals and couples who are trying to navigate the emotional extremes of dealing with infertility. I have also worked with military veterans who are dealing with military-related trauma and reintegration into civilian life after deployment. I have worked with older adults who are confronting issues related to aging.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

The first session is critical for establishing trust and the foundation for the work we may do together. My approach is collaborative and flexible. I want to give you a chance to get to know me as a therapist. I want to find out about you - what is going on in your life that led you to seek therapy? I want to learn about your background and your history. So, the first session will include many questions to help me get to know you and to understand your struggles and concerns. I take a lot of notes as we work through those questions, so that I remember the details you are kind enough to provide and so that I remember those details accurately. Together, we will develop a plan for moving forward in therapy. Follow up sessions will be scheduled with the frequency that fits your life and your comfort level. You are in charge of what we focus on and how much depth we go into. I will offer observations, feedback, and interventions that I believe may be helpful. If you are comfortable and willing to do some work between sessions, I will offer some guidance and resources you may find useful. I will regularly check in with you to ensure that we are focusing in on what is important to you, and that we are making progress in meeting your therapy goals.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have helped individuals deal with depression, anxiety, difficult life choices, and relationship problems. I offer a safe space to be yourself, with compassion, warmth, and the absence of judgment.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

CBT helps us explore how thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact and influence our moods and level of emotional distress. I have had extensive training and experience in this approach to psychotherapy. I was trained and nationally certified by the VA in CBT. I offer it when it appears to meet the needs of an individual. It provides tools you can use in your everyday life and that you can adapt as your needs change.


My experience has been that no one method works for everyone, and that clients may need to work with different therapy approaches at different times. Flexibility in psychotherapy approaches helps me meet the real-time, real-life needs of each individual. This may mean using what works, borrowing from different treatment methods. I work with a client-centered approach, listening carefully to what you as the client may need and what you already know works for you.

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