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Angie Gunn LCSW, CST, CSTS

Angie Gunn LCSW, CST, CSTS


15 years of experience

Hey you, I'm Angie, a sex and relationship therapist uniquely suited to support your journey to pleasure and healing. (NOTE: I'm currently not doing COUPLES therapy through Grow, so I would encourage you to find another provider if you're seeking couples work.) Have you struggled to find a therapist who you can be completely transparent with in regards to your sexuality or gender? Have you hidden your identities, desires, and challenges, for fear of judgment, shame or rejection? Sexuality is a challenging topic, one that most therapists don't receive much training around. As a result, even therapists can be afraid to broach sensitive topics, which makes it even harder for you when your mental health, relationship challenges, and overall well-being is so interrelated to your sexual health. Instead of shying away, my work centers your sexual self as a primary domain of care. First, we build trust. And when you're ready, we explore every aspect that may be impacting your life. This can include healing sexual trauma or harm, exploring early childhood development and shame, permission giving to talk about different identities, expressions and desires, and creating pathways to your fullest most expansive pleasure and connection. Topics I'm passionate about include closing the orgasm gap, healing sexual trauma, queer love and sex and healing the harm from homophobia, gender expansive exploration, non-monogamy and open relating, kink/ BDSM/ fetish exploration, the needs of sex workers (whorephobia and stigma) and those who've experienced trafficking, and finding pleasure after experiencing a religious/ cult repression. I identify/ am a member of many of these communities, which provides lived experience to balance clinical expertise as well. We work together to create a safe container for your diverse and erotic self, learning how to integrate those selves into your relationships and your life. Pleasure is key to mental health and well-being.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Your first session is a chance to ask questions about me, my approach and share more information about your needs to ensure we are a good fit for one another. We will start some exploration of your story, but it's important to pace sharing so that you're not retraumatized in the process of building the therapuetic relationship. If we find I'm not the right fit, I can help refer you to another provider within Grow too.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I really value center the needs of those who've been marginalized by systems, so queer theory, critical race theory, and liberation psychology/ intersectionality guide all my work. Additionally, many of the mental health and sexual health problems we face stem from systems of oppression and result in systemic trauma. So I will use a systems and trauma lens to talk about how we adapt, and how we unlearn as well. I'm trained in EMDR, Somatic experiencing, solution focused, CBT, DBT, EFT and attachment work as well. So an eclectic approach allows me to use all the tools in the toolbox for us to find the best path forward.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My niche is the sexy weirdos out there who've felt ostracized in clinical care. Your mental health and well-being is important and valued, just as much as your sex and gender identities and expressions. The intersections of these challenges is my passion and my strength.

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