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Chala Barrington-Cruz

Chala Barrington-Cruz


I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and earned a Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis. I've practiced in both fields of Social Work and ABA. Iʼve earned my Masters degree from Tulane University, and also master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University. I have over 19 years of experience working with families and children. New Beginnings provide parents with online counseling services, to help and support caregivers during this transitional season of life.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I understand when you can't have a fun day at the zoo or the park because you constantly have to scan your kid and the environment. It hurts when someone says something unkind about your child's behavior or appearance . Having to calculate an exit strategy or a plan B everywhere you go, takes a toll on your mental health. I want to provide parents a safe place where you can seek professional counseling as a special needs parent. You might joke about just living forever to always be by your child's side. But other times, you feel like running away because you can't keep parenting anymore. When you have tried talking to your family and friends, but they never really understand what you are going through, come see me at New Beginnings for professional counseling, support and understanding.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

DEVELOPING SELF CARE: "I can't take it anymore." is one of the most heard things during my first counseling session with a special needs parent. I counsel you to realize that you can only continue to take care of your child by prioritizing caring for yourself. Fostering The Strength To Advocate; For Your Child And Yourself Often special needs parents regret the time they couldn't find the courage to stand up for their child. I can help you prepare for challenging moments by focusing on finding ways your child is fully supported everywhere. OVERCOMING SHAME AND GUILT: I partner with special needs parents to help them accept themselves and encourage them to live more authentically. COPING WITH ANXIETY: find practical ways of managing their anxiety.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Raising a child with special needs is undoubtedly taxing mentally and physically. But the emotional and mental fatigue actually gets to most of my counseling clients, I feel you; I am one of you!

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