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Michaela Renee Johnson

11 years of experience
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Great to meet you! I believe the key to living a happy life, is learning how to speak your truth with grace & live a courageous life of authenticity. This requires checking in with yourself, often, exploring old patterns that aren’t serving you, tapping into grit & resiliency, and having a growth-oriented mindset. I'm an avid adventurer, having traveled to 20+ countries. I'm a licensed tailwheel (multiengine & seaplane) pilot who loves radial engines and vintage aircraft. In my spare time, you’ll find me flying, gardening & reading and chasing a house full of boys.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I help people create turbulence free relationships, which means working on your primal wounds to create better relationships where you are able to communicate your needs, set boundaries and be seen, heard and validated. We'll dive right into your headlines and backstories, and set some goals for our time together. I'll also craft some prescriptions/resources for you to continue your work in between our sessions (usually books, podcasts, etc).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I mostly work with couples, note I do NOT work with individual men. I offer couples an opportunity to identify cruddy patterns we can engage in, rediscover intimacy, and improve communication. I have specific training in toxic relationships and narcissistic personality disorder, & am in doctorate studies as a sex therapist. We have limited time together, so my style is very directive (but also lighthearted).

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I'm Michaela Johnson, a seasoned Clinical Sex Therapist and Collaborative Attachment Based Therapist. For over a decade, I've been navigating the intricate realms of human intimacy, drawing inspiration from the vast expanse of the skies to guide my clients through their emotional journeys. Just as a skilled pilot maneuvers through turbulent weather, I assist my clients in charting a course through the challenges of relationships, helping them soar to new heights of emotional well-being. My expertise lies in unraveling the complexities of human intimacy, addressing primal wounds that often hinder personal growth and connection.