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Hello, My name is David Decker. I have worked therapist for 18 years; with an LCSW for 12 years. I also have an addiitonal 9 years in the mental health field prior to obtaining my MSW. During this time, I have provided support to persons to assist them in improving the way they view themselves, their lives and the challenges they face. This has included assisting them navigate decisions, changes and transitions within their lives, improving relationships with family members, coworkers, etc. I see my role as someone to assist you in improving your life, celebrating your "wins", seeking to find ways of adjusting to changes as they occur and exploring options to make improvements in your life. I love helping others find the positive areas in their lives on which they can build a better, more productive, comfortable and supportive environment for themselves and those close to them. I genuinely love helping others!! This assistance has included assisting in building and implementing plans to cope with Anxiety Disorders, Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, and adjustment disorders. In addition, I have extensive professional experience supporting those with cognitive disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder and alcohol/drug use disorders. This has included assisting them in advocating for their needs to be met across environments, learning more effective communication skills, implementing these strategies and helping them find other community resources to further support them. Throughout these processes, I have utilized a variety of modalities, dependent upon the individual needs of those to which I am providing assistance. As a Clinician, I think it is ultimately important to work collaboratively with the client to develop their own plans for moving forward, build on strengths and help them in targeting their most important concerns first.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I hope my clients walk away from our sessions feeling positive about themselves and knowing they are supported. My clients should expect to be directly involved in making developing concretes plans, in incremental steps, to assist them in moving forward to a more positive, exciting place in their daily existence. I expect them to develop ways, within this support system, to navigate challenges with more independence so that, as time progresses, they have a greater level of self-reliance; knowing that support is always available.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I typically focus highly on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-assisting the client in helping the client explore the learned patterns that are not helpful to them. Exploring the ways these thoughts are damaging to them in their lives. Then assisting them in developing plans to confront their inaccurate thought patterns and focus on more positive thoughts they find helpful. I also enjoy using Client-Centered Therapy. This is "non-directive" where I allow the client to determine the process of each session. This provides them control over what will be discussed; then I act as a source for them to review the changes they would like to make. Narrative Therapy is a favorite of mine. This allows the client to evaluate and explore their values and ways of implementing these in their lives.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

My biggest strength is allowing my clients know that they are in a safe place, speaking to someone that genuinely cares about them, the struggles they are facing and ways to face these struggles. I want those with which I work to understand this job is a true passion of mine and that they are "IIMPORTANT". I do this through various ways of implementing the above listed therapies, always attempting to begin from a place of positivity and support and ending each interaction with a positive. In helping clients focus on these, I generally give small homework tasks; including journaling about their weeks, troubles they are experiencing, etc. so that they come with a plan to assist in knowing their individual needs are addressed.

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