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25 years of experience

Hello, I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor in VA. I'm a seasoned clinician and certified Level I & II Trauma specialist. I work with adults of all ages who have experienced trauma in their lives which has led to challenges in their mental and physical health, in their relationships, and ability to have the life they seek. If asked, most of my former clients would say I've helped them live a life they dreamt of, a reality. I did so with respect and understanding. Understanding from my lived experiences, education and professional experience.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

From our first contact to set up an appointment I listen respectfully, without judgement. I value each person's dignity and want to get to know them as the wonderful people they are and not as their labels that society often places upon them. I want clients to get to know me, ask me questions. Mutual trust is vital in for therapy to be most helpful. We have to earn each other's trust. As a client it is your right to find the best therapist for you, your needs. As a therapist, its my privilege to be chosen to work with you. I refer to our first session as our "getting to know you" session. I'll review the limits of confidentiality, that I provide a judgement free zone, explain what you can expect from me, answer your initial questions and ask you to share whatever you feel comfortable initially sharing. Some clients might start with their favorite color, others might "jump right in" and share what led them to reach out for help at this time.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I often joke with clients that, "I do my best to be a full service therapist." Given my personal lived experience of trauma, education, 25 yrs. of professional experience, my approach to working with clients, my sense and use of humor, my clients have shared that they find me, "very relatable" or "I feel like I'm just having a conversation and then I realize how helpful you are!" Over the years and coupled with my intellectual curiosity, I have developed quite a large tool box of skills, resources, and references that I readily share with my clients.

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My treatment methods

Trauma Informed Care

I infuse most recent understanding of neuroscience and trauma working to help clients heal from the inside out versus the outside in that's reflected in most typical therapeutic models. In my approach, I work with whole person understanding how mental, physical and spiritual health are closely tied together. I draw from many treatment methods, tailoring therapy to the person, couple or members in a group.


In order to tailor my treatment method to a specific client, and to provide therapy that is diversity competent, I would describe my approach as "eclectic." I tend to draw upon Trauma-Informed Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Narrative therapy, Internal Family Systems, Poly Vagal Nerve and other treatment modalities that are grounded in neuroscience.