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Welcome to my (safe) space!!! I'm a bit of a Fred Roger's enthusiast, so let me start by saying thank you for being you!! My most important value is to treat people with love and respect, no matter their background, no matter their circumstances!! I believe we all deserve it!!! My name is Jose-Santos Xavier Orozco, feel free to call me whatever makes you comfortable!!! Life to me is about being flexible, or like Bruce Lee said, like water, being able to bend and reshape whenever needed, while maintaining strength and purpose!!! I am a 36 year old male therapist who was born in SF and raised in Los Angeles! My early years were spent in the foster care system until I was placed into a permanent family at the age of 6. I am of mixed Ethnic background and have experienced culture/ identity difficulties since as long as I can remember. Life has naturally brought me to get a degree in Social work and work in this field. I would definitely consider myself a wounded warrior, although I feel like my injuries have been pretty well tended to by now. Learning to accept and love yourself has been my greatest achievement (on-going achievement) and I promise that when you get there too, it can be yours as well!!! I prefer working with ADULT population; I have very limited experience working with kids. Thank you

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I view therapy as a partnership, and I like to treat it as so. There are plenty of 'experts' you can find if that is what you are seeking. When working with me, you will find someone who will explore under the bed with you and who will look into that dark closet and together we will overcome whatever we find!!! I want you to be Batman/ Batwoman; I just want to be your Alfred and give you the tools you need to conquer and overcome, I want to be your Robin and step in when a bad guy comes from behind.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

I have over 10 years of experience working directly with client's in the Mental Health field and 4 years of those have been as a clinician. Majority of my demographic has been in community mental health, working with a wide range of clients whether struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss or even substance use disorders. I find that some sort of trauma is usually the catalysis to most disorders/ suffering. I find that Cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful as 'how we think' affects how we feel!! I find that I do not really like to be rigid when following a treatment module (unless requested), as I feel like in practice we pull from an array of different modules to help us get to where we want to go. Working together, will be we will identify strengths and conquer challenges!

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Helping you to identify your strengths, problem solve, challenge/ change perspectives, and build your self-love!!!! Finding ways to let go is also important to me because baggage can really start to weight on you!! Most importantly, restoring your sense of worth and self-dignity are at the top of my list!!

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