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Chari Skinner

Chari Skinner

5 years of experience

Hi there. Finding a clinician to help you in your journey to feeling well again can sometimes feel overwhelming. I am down to earth and speak to people with compassion, respect, and dignity. I focus on techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. I truly believe that change is possible when we are willing to face challenges and difficulties head on. It can also be difficult to do that alone, which is where I fit in. It is very important to get to know you from the first session to see if this will be a good fit. My main focuses are on the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, ADHD, Grief and guiding parents who are navigating a diagnosis for their children. I work with people to teach them strategies to empower themselves and make lasting changes.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

Our first session will start with introductions, understanding what your experience has been with therapy and mental health, and what current struggles you have been experiencing. My focus is to connect and understand how best to serve you. This first session is also important for questions about how the process will go, expectations you may have for therapy, and potential treatment times.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have a strong background in addiction treatment and 12 step recovery. I also have experience in mental health treatment in the medical field, which is sometimes difficult to find. I have worked with clients from age 4 to age 90. I have worked in inpatient settings and also programs that work with patients through their primary care physicians office.

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My treatment methods

Dialectical Behavior (DBT)

It is important to focus on building skills prior to a crisis or to manage ongoing problems with big waves of emotion. I utilize DBT techniques to help clients regulate their emotions and empower themselves to use skills during crisis or conflict.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

I truly believe once we find answers to why we have behaviors, we need to learn how to change behaviors. Solution focused brief therapy allows clients to see that actionable change very quickly.


It is important for clients to learn that they have the ability to empower change and continue to self motivate by using their personal strengths.