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As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Supervisor with a Master's degree from Lindsey Wilson College, I bring expertise and empathy to our therapeutic journey. As a neuropsychotherapist, I treat the brain with a focus on its powerful yet sensitive nature, integrating knowledge from neuroscience into psychotherapy. In our work together, we will incorporate neuroscience findings related to neurons, neurotransmitters, memory, neuroplasticity, and brain structures to develop effective brain-based techniques. I prioritize building genuine rapport and trust with my clients, creating a safe space where we can collaboratively process life's events and work towards healing and growth together. Our therapeutic relationship will be at the core of this process, focusing on a strong therapist-client connection. Additionally, we will utilize techniques to integrate the left and right brain hemispheres, aiming to achieve emotional balance, instill hope, and foster self-efficacy. By blending these approaches, we will work towards enhancing your overall mental health and well-being.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In the first session, clients can expect a warm and welcoming environment where they can safely share their concerns and experiences. We'll begin by getting to know each other, establishing rapport, and discussing the goals they hope to achieve through therapy. I'll ask questions to gather relevant information about their background, current struggles, and any previous therapy experiences. Together, we'll explore their strengths, challenges, and areas they want to focus on. I'll also provide an overview of the therapeutic process, including confidentiality and the therapeutic approach I use. By the end of the session, clients can expect to feel heard, understood, and hopeful about the journey ahead. We'll collaboratively create a plan for moving forward and begin laying the foundation for their growth and healing.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a provider, my greatest strengths lie in the genuine rapport and trust I build with my clients, coupled with my expertise and understanding of various mental health challenges. My genuineness and unconditional positive regard create a safe and supportive space where clients feel heard, accepted, and validated in their experiences. This foundation of trust allows for deeper exploration and processing of emotions, trauma, and conflicts.

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There is no cookie cutting treatment, you are unique and your uniqueness and life experience allows me to formulate treatment specifically for you, using CBT, CPT, neuropsychology, DBT, experiential, and so on. Each deserves a personalized treatment approach. I will assess and determine which inventions would be most beneficial to you.