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14 years of experience

Hi there, I am Albert. Do you feel that specific life events have had a great impact on how you are managing and functioning daily? I am a clinician who believes that the past influences the present and future and if trauma has been a part of the human experience the impact on human functioning is even greater. It is my goal to create a safe and caring counseling atmosphere and setting so that the individual feels safe to explore the effect of trauma or any life event(s) that have impacted their life. Clients are encouraged to explore and engage in new aspects of themselves; finding new abilities which increase their positive daily functioning by increasing their living tool kit with new creative and important tools. I utilize evidence-based modalities to address the unique and specific needs of each client and I do so from a trauma-informed perspective. I provide long-term psychotherapy; I also work with clients doing short-term solution-focused therapy that is goal-specific. I completed my master's in counseling in 2005 from New Jersey City University. From 2005 to 2010 I was an associate counselor and upon completion of my supervision hours became a Licensed Practicing Counselor in 2010. I have had experience working in hospitals, outpatient clinics, community outreach and providing in-home therapy services for individuals and families. I have worked treating depression, anxiety, behavior problems, ADHD and issues related to gender identity as well as issues facing couples.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

I work to build a client-counselor relationship that is built with understanding, collaboration, and empathy. I want clients to experience a counseling atmosphere that allows them to feel secure to discuss issues that cause them emotional and behavioral struggles. After our first session is complete, I hope that the client will feel that they have engaged with someone who they feel has their best interest in mind and will enable them to work through issues that cause them emotional pain and conflict. My greater hope is that clients will leave the first counseling session feeling that their seeking counseling was a good choice. They feel this because they interacted with someone who has taken the time to listen to what they are grappling with and wants to provide support and help.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

My approach and focus. I see myself as an eclectic therapist using multiple, evidence-based intervention modalities that address the unique and specific needs of each client. I pay specific attention to providing mental health counseling through the following modalities: Cognitive therapy – Thoughts cause feelings and behavior. Changing the way you think about something helps you to see it and experience it differently even if you can’t change the circumstances. Behavioral Therapy – Changing unwanted or unhealthy behaviors and replacing them with healthy ones by finding appropriate adaptive solutions. Trauma Informed Therapy – Directly addressing the impact of traumatic events on one’s daily functioning. I also work with short-term solution-focused therapy that is goal-specific. I look forward to working with clients and helping them to find their path to improved wellness. Working together today for a better tomorrow.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I understand the issues surrounding the queer community and because of this, I have a personal understanding of being different and identified as different. I work with fellow queer individuals to find the necessary path to mental wellbeing that is supported by community and self. Having come out at the time of the beginning of the HIV+/AIDS epidemic I have personally experienced misunderstanding and non-support which catalyzed my desire to want to become a mental health counselor and provide support to my community. Together we can explore your personal experience and find sound positive methods and strategies for addressing the issues that challenge you. You are not alone.

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