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Debora Van Romer

Debora Van Romer


15 years of experience

I am a licensed professional clinical counselor. I have been counseling for over 15 years. I find happiness and joy in helping people move beyond what they think is possible. I am sensitive, compassionate, empathetic, and very non-judgmental. I like to provide a safe place to for clients to process, so each client is able to share their story, knowing that you will be very supported.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, we will talk and learn some general information about you. We may cover some family history. We will talk about the challenges that you are facing and what goals you would like to set for counseling.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Having counseled for over 15 years, I am a well-seasoned counselor with expertise in many areas. I am an active listener and often can sense and see what lies "deeper" than what a client may be sharing. This awareness, many times, helps me move clients toward healing and resolve. I am able to listen to a client's story and make connections and links, identify patterns and then establish the steps that need to be taken to solve issues.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

As we know, our thinking and the way we feel about an experience or an event, leads to how we respond, react, or behave to that experience or event in our lives. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a proven and clinically based therapy method that works to help shape an individual's thinking processes to improve the outcomes that occur in his or her life. You will be given the option to receive worksheets and workbooks to help teach you this very beneficial therapy method to help enrich and change your life.

Christian Counseling

An individual's internal belief system has the capacity to carry him or her through the most difficult times, brings hope, and inspires change. Christian Counseling can bring insight and awareness that may lead a client to deeper levels of hope and healing. Together we can talk about how this treatment method could benefit you. You will be provided with a safe place to talk about what concerns you most in a non-pressured and very objective place.

Couples Counseling

I have had 15 years of experience in this counseling field. My ultimate goal is to help guide couples in a direction that they want to go, but may not know how to get there. We focus on many areas where couples may want to see growth: communication skills, boundaries, learning love languages, intimacy, building trust, just to name a few. Bringing relationships to the point of peace, having mutual respect, effectively communicating and having stronger bonds is always part of treatment.


For over 15 years I have been providing educational information to individuals, couples, and families on voluminous subject areas. Education and "knowing" helps move a client into understanding. Understanding helps create a plan. It is with a plan that we can begin fixing the issues at hand. WHAT IS PSYCHOEDUCATION? Briefing the client about what the problem(s) need addressed. Problem-solving training. Communication training. Self-assertiveness training.


I use a wide variety of therapy methods and treatments to assist clients with meeting the goals they set in treatment. Because "one size doesn't fit all," the many treatment modalities in which I utilize can bring awareness, insight, resolve, hope and healing to clients on their counseling journey.