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6 years of experience

Ms. Okieme spent ten years of her professional career as a Clinical Social Worker and Behavioral Therapist working in clinic with autistic children as well as with cognitively challenged adults. Additionally, her work also involved counseling veterans, immigrants, domestic abuse victims and advising mothers on family dynamics and supportive structures. As well as, individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders, who have a history of and/or are at high risk for homelessness, incarceration and/or institutionalization.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

For the first session, parents of child-patients and adult patients seeking therapy will have the opportunity to discuss in detail why they are seeking therapy; and ways in which they would like to see their lives or the lives of children to change for the better. Here are some examples: " I want to stop feeling anxious around other people". " I want to get along with my spouse without always arguing". "I want to help my child improve his socialization with their peers". " I want my child to stop hitting me and throwing tantrums". "I want to stop having mood swings and learn how to forgive those who hurt me". "I don't wont to be lonely anymore". " I want to learn healthier ways to express my thoughts and feelings without getting angry all the time". " I don't need therapy but Family therapy has been court ordered. So we have to be here".

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Motivational Interviewing Person-Centered Problem-Solving Therapy Solution Focused Brief (SFBT) Strength-Based Structural Family Therapy

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

As a therapist, I am effective in helping people to recognize their strengths and putting them into action, in order to assist them with quickly incorporating coping mechanisms that can help them manage and/or decrease their challenges.

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