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Melissa Mendez

Melissa Mendez


11 years of experience

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Arizona and Indiana. I received a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Purdue University and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Christian Theological Seminary. I have had the opportunity to work in and gain knowledge from a diverse collection of settings that include elementary, middle and high school, hospital chaplaincy department, private practice and private agencies working with families in the child welfare system. Each of these settings has provided me with hands-on experience working with individuals and families in crisis, as well as those who are faced with navigating some of life’s challenges such as divorce, loss, and addiction. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I love a systems approach, understanding that we do not exist in a vacuum, but rather are part of larger systems. I take a non-judgmental, warm approach to therapy and I believe in tailoring my therapy towards my client's individual needs. Together we will establish goals and design a path towards a healthier way of being. I draw from a multitude of therapeutic techniques that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solutions Focused Therapy. Clients who work with me have a desire to change. Whether facing everyday challenges that are holding them back from living a fulfilling life or struggling with family dynamics that have caused distress or trying to navigate through grief, my clients can learn to use their insight to find new ways of functioning that better serve what they want from this life. My clients can see a future for themselves that brings peace, happiness and healing. The first step towards seeking help is often the most difficult. I am excited that you are here and look forward to taking this journey alongside you.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, we will get to know one another with brief introductions and then I will give you time to share the specific challenges that are bringing you into the therapeutic space. From there, we will begin to tailor a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

My main treatment methods include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. I use these methods along with occasional journal exercises and worksheet activities that focus on your goals.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I have extensive experience working with individuals and families struggling with life transitions such as job loss, family conflict, and deaths. I have a great ability to see how these sorts of events impact the whole system that client is engaged in. I also work with clients who are struggling with body image and their relationship with food and exercise by teaching clients how to reset their thinking and start listening to their own bodies. I have been working with grieving clients on a regular basis and love helping clients find a safe space to explore their grief. Grief is a dark spot and I strive to help clients find their light again after a profound loss.

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