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Wendy Pugh

Wendy Pugh


17 years of experience

Hi! I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker who can provide supervision to other social workers (LISW-S) in Ohio and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Florida. I received my Master's in Social Work from the Ohio State University and have been practicing for 18 years. I currently live in Florida, but I serve people from both states virtually. I enjoy working with all types of clients who can expect a caring, compassionate, nonjudgmental, yet honest experience with me.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, we will spend some time getting to know each other and identifying the specific challenges for which you are seeking guidance. We will discuss a plan of action that we can follow in our sessions together that will get you to your end goal(s).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Often, my clients share with me that what they like most about working with me is that they know I will always tell them like it is, but I won't be mean or judgmental about it. I pride myself on being someone who isn't afraid of the difficult subjects, and I will never tell you that you can't talk about something with me. I have worked with every age, race, gender, and lifestyle, and I don't shy away from anyone. My therapy style is casual and comfortable (people tell me I'm easy to open up to because I'm "not all stuffy"), but I will also make sure we get the necessary work done each session. I believe a therapist can be both professional and personable, and I am definitely both.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have been using CBT with the majority of my clients throughout my many years of practice. I use this therapy modality to help people who need to address their negative cognitions and maladaptive behaviors in order to help effect change in their lives and improve their functioning. I especially like to use CBT to treat depression, anxiety, and sleep issues although I find it to be useful in most situations.

Trauma Informed Care

I have been engaging in trauma informed care since I was first licensed as a social worker in 2006. I worked as a therapist in the foster care system for more than five years where I learned the importance of being aware of and addressing trauma first. Now, as a clinician in private practice, I take that knowledge of how trauma affects the mind, body, and emotions and use it to inform my treatment with every client. Awareness of the trauma helps me to understand how the client approaches life and allows me to work from their place of readiness.

Couples Counseling

I have been providing counseling to couples for the past ten years. I have worked with all types of couples from all walks of life, and I am especially interested in working with same-sex couples and couples with alternative lifestyles. I utilize mostly CBT with couples, although I also utilize skills and techniques from Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Narrative Therapy.


I am an advanced certified hypnotherapist (ACHT) in heart-centered hypnotherapy through the Wellness Institute. I have been practicing hypnotherapy since 2015. I participated in a 2 year long internship where I did my own interpersonal work to earn my ACHT certificate. I am able to perform hypnotherapy virtually although I do prefer to have these sessions in person if possible. This model of hypnotherapy draws upon techniques from an array of therapy modalities, including but not limited to Gestalt Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Psychodynamic Therapy. This is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the mind, body, and spirit. Hypnotherapy is good for all issues; however, it is especially good to use with people who have unresolved issues that stem from childhood and/or previous trauma.


I am recently trained in EMDR therapy and am working toward certification. I have only been using this treatment method for about six months, but I find it to be incredibly effective. EMDR is good for treating many different types of issues; however, it is especially good for treating people who have experienced trauma. EMDR can be performed virtually with great benefit.