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Wendy Mark

Wendy Mark


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Hi, I'm Wendy Mark, LMFT, your Chronic Pain Therapist in Los Angeles, California. Are you feeling stuck in chronic pain and doctors have told you there isn’t anything more they can do? Have your activities decreased so much that you are no longer doing the things that you used to enjoy? Whether you have been dealing with pain for 6 months or 50 years, we can work together to help you decrease your pain levels and get you back to living a life filled with joy in a reasonably short amount of time. In my own journey through pain, I tried every treatment possible to get rid of the pain and I was desperate to find a treatment that worked. I was lost. Then I discovered Pain Reprocessing Therapy, and it was a total game changer for me! While my passion is working with clients with chronic pain, I have also had over 15 years of success in working with a wide range of mental health issues including ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, relationship issues, school problems, trauma and PTSD, and women's issues. I enjoy empowering clients to reach their full potential.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, I will gather more information about you to get a better understanding of what you are struggling with and what you are hoping to gain from therapy. This is also a process of getting to know one another and to determine whether we would be a good fit to work with each other. It is my hope that you will feel comfortable in talking about difficult topics and that you will feel heard and understood. Then we will talk about what we can do to help you to feel better.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Working with clients suffering from chronic pain has been my passion and my biggest strengths. It gives me great joy and pleasure to see clients get back into living the life they enjoy and doing the activities that they love.

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My treatment methods

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

I have used CBT in my practice of 15 years to help reframe client's understanding of pain and help them break out of the pain fear cycle and get back to doing what they enjoy doing in life.

Acceptance and commitment (ACT)

I use ACT and Pain Reprocessing therapy in the last two years of my practice to help clients find ways to live with the pain in their lives, neuroplastic pain and emotional pain. Clients will learn what to do when they have pain and use somatic tracking to help build new neuropathways and to reassure the brain that these sensations in the body are safe.

Solution Focused Brief Treatment

I have used SFBT to help clients come up with solutions to their problems and to discover what is working for them.