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Mansi Ng

Mansi Ng


15 years of experience

As a therapist, I see myself as the sounding board and safe space that you may not have in other areas of your life. Life can be overwhelming and I'm here to help you find more balance, joy, and calmness in your life. Through conversations about your life perspective, we will work together to figure out your goals and what serves you. I have experience collaborating with clients who are struggling with parenting, caregiving for elders, working in healthcare, family issues, fertility challenges, college stressors, and anxiety/depression. As a South Asian American woman, I understand how cultural issues can impact your personal life and how difficult it can be to find a middle ground with deeply rooted traditions. I am gender-affirming and also enjoy offering support to parents of LGBTQ youth. I'm a Swiftie and enjoy working with clients who like to incorporate her music into their sessions.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session together, we'll focus on learning more about what is bringing you to therapy and explore some aspects of your upbringing. I encourage you to open up to the level where you feel comfortable. Please message me to schedule a free phone consultation or a first session.

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

I aim to validate your true life experience while also offering different perspectives and strategies to help you gain more self compassion and self care skills.

About Mansi Ng

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My treatment methods

Compassion Focused

I believe that by training our minds to be kinder to ourselves, we can better problem solve and lead healthier lives. I work with my clients to help them learn how to manage their dysregulated states, tap into their calmer states, and regain new perspectives that increase their own compassion as well as compassion towards others.

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

For some clients, understanding the connection between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors is a helpful tool and can shift their perspective. As humans, we all have irrational and intrusive thoughts. Learning to identify these can be transformative in how we respond to life's challenges.

Polyvagal Therapy

This theory is particularly helpful for clients with stored trauma. There are experiences that can't be "talked out" in therapy sometimes. Sometimes we have to learn to create safety within our body through somatic exercises and education about how our body regulates emotion.

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