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Jessica Conrad

Jessica Conrad

4 years of experience
Solution oriented

As a Reality Therapist, who is also a certified DBT practitioner, I believe we are all responsible for the choices we make. I have worked with people of all ages suffering from alcohol and drug-related addictions, borderline personality disorder, PTSD and other trauma-related disorders, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and interpersonal problems. My core values are integrity, truthfulness, responsibility, compassion, and accountability and I operate from a place of moral principle. My purpose is to speak life into others and teach them how to do the same, starting within themselves. When we learn to connect our mind, body, and spirit we can accept things for what they are, people for who they are, and still find harmony within. To me, life is like a roller coaster, and sometimes the only way to enjoy it is to throw your hands up and scream until you find the laughter within. We all suffer. We all have a story to tell. I’m here to listen to yours and help you find the peace that surpasses all understanding because we were never designed to go through life alone. Join me if you want to learn how to take back control of your life and become comfortably uncomfortable. You are unique. You are beloved. You are enough. It's time to be who you were designed and created to be!

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

In our first session, you can expect things to be more direct and impersonal. It is mostly gathering background information, going over your client rights and responsibilities, confidentiality agreement, and what you are hoping to achieve in therapy. You will have time throughout the session to ask any questions that may come up and get to know me and my therapeutic approach a little more, but the hardest question I will ask you is what your strengths are, so be prepared because you do have them!

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Trauma-Focused CBT Person-Centered Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) Motivational Interviewing (MI) Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

Some of most obvious strengths include empathic listening, teaching/coaching, learning new things, speaking assertively, and loving others as myself. Leadership comes naturally to me and has slowly developed into a transformational style over the years. Key areas of continuous growth for me include humility and authenticity. In order to become the best version of ourselves, we first have to be willing to die to the old. True belonging happens when we take our masks off and face our fears with intentional purpose and direction. If you don’t like where you are, you have to choose to change direction. I’m here to help navigate you through the storm until you find still waters. Who you are is God’s gift to you; who you become is your gift to God.

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